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Skrillex dropped the bass...

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 4, 2014, 10:36 AM

RIGHT ON MY FOOT. I am so sore. and I went on a TOTAL. ADVENTURE. I've never had that much fun before lol! you guys'll laugh, this was great~


Waited hours to see Skrillex, saw him for 30 min, got grabbed and hit by a drunk guy, got locked out of a parking garage, jumped in a car with a stranger stoner pizza guy, slept in a strangers house, ate Vietnamese soup for the first time, was in heaven in the form of vintage videogames and collectables, had our car break down, met an interesting tow guy, then came home and crashed.


Ok so I woke up in the morning, went to work, and then about noon my boyfriend came by to pick me up. We took a 3 hour drive up to Tulsa, missing our exit once, and then spent a while trying to find somewhere to park that was close to where the concert was. We eventually found a parking garage and walked all the way up to the BOK Center and waited there with some scary looking rapper guys. Though, about five minutes later we realized we were at the wrong place when one of us asked if we were there to see a different person and another guy kindly pointed us in the right direction. Apparently the concert was being held at the Cox Business Center down the street, despite the Skrillex being advertised and having tickets bought on the BOK Center's website.

So we found a map and found the place then were really shocked to find only like 6 people waiting in line. And boy, were they some interesting characters too lol. apparently there was a lot of confusion about where the concert was because the guys in front of us had gone somewhere else before and apparently it was where the concert for the Bad Chickens was (whom nobody had any clue who they were) but apparently you were supposed to go naked or something lol. We waited about an hour and a half in line with like.. nobody showing up till an hour in (and a ton of people just FLOODED into the doors). we're pretty sure they all went to the wrong place lololol xD a couple people who came in before even said there were a lot of ravers standing outside the rap concert place and so it was a pretty safe assumption they were mixed up too lol.

When we got in (at like... 5:30 - 6) we were some of the first people in so we RAN up to the front and managed to get in right against the railing XD there weren't any seats or anything (it is a Skrillex concert, after all, who the heck wouldn't be dancing) so it was first come first serve basically with where you got to stand. and it was AWESOME at first. we had lots of space to dance, and there were 4 other DJs up before Skrillex came on and we had a blast. The first DJ was ok but his performance was a little weak, the second was really cool cuz he did some dubstep reggae combination, the third guy was good but he went on FOREVER and at that point we were so tired we just wanted Skrillex to come on so we could go. then when a fourth guy came out I had no interest in listening to him, not to mention he played dubstep rap which wasn't all that great. All the while there are people forcing their way up to the front because the want to see Skrillex when he came on.

Everyone is tired, soaking wet with sweat and water bottles being thrown around, the place smells like weed and alcohol, and everyone is pumped.

Then finally at 10:30 Skrillex makes his entrance and the whole place goes TOTALLY NUTS. like... when he dropped the bass it was so loud and so strong that you could feel every hair on your body tingle, it was kind of painful almost. then there was lazers everywhere, fog machines going off, everyone was jumping and rubbing up against each other and it was INSANE. 

Skrillex also pointed at me.... MEEEE... he called me out in front of everyone and it was AMAZIIING. I almost screamed, I did a few times actually.

And then about 30 minutes in everything started to go downhill really fast. Some drunk guy grabbed me and ended up hitting me kind of hard. Then him and this guy on the other side of my boyfriend were getting into a fight and he ended up getting hit in the face in the process. And then some other drunk guys were shoving their way up to the front and were hurting all the people who were already up there and eventually we just had to get out of there before a full on fight broke out. Once we were out I got some merchandise from a vender (I got a CD and a cute bandana) and there was  no chance to get back up so we just decided to leave. I was soaking wet from having water bottles dumped on me and in pain anyways at that point and we still had an hour and a half drive to his dad's house.

Then we had to walk back to where the parking garage was only to find that it was locked. apparently we'd missed a sign that said the garage closes at 8pm and cars are inaccessible until 5am the next morning. then we called up his dad and just decided to go and find a hotel. Though we weren't sure where to go so we asked a dominos pizza guy where one was as he was loading pizzas into his car. he then offered us a ride and at that point I was so tired I was just like "screw it." and hopped into this strangers car.

We found out his name was Red and he was really cool. Liked underground music and stuff like that then asked if we smoked pot lol. but he drove us to a really fancy hotel that he was delivering pizzas too, but we found out it was a little too pricy (we could afford it, but we didn't want to spend that much for one night) and Red had to wait because the people weren't showing up to get their pizza. We ended up waiting with him and he said that after he got done with delivering that he'd try to help us find a place which was really nice. He even offered to pay half for us to get a room. Eventually we talked a bit and he realized his boss knew the combination for the garage our car was parked in so he took us back to dominos and they got us into the garage and we told him thank you. then he asked if we wanted to come in an party with him, which might've been tempting if it hadn't been midnight.

Then we drove an hour and a half to my boyfriend's dad's house (dad whom I've never met), got there at 1:30am when everyone was asleep, and just walked in and crashed in one of the bedrooms. we were so exhausted lol I didn't even care that I was sleeping in a total stranger's house.

The next morning my boyfriend woke me up because his dad made breakfast and we went out and got a big plate of it. Eggs, bacon, biscuits, gravy, sausage <3 yummy! I met his dad and all the other people who were in the house and they were really nice. :3 Then his dad and his girlfriend went garage sale shopping so my boyfriend and I just stayed and played Hyrule Warriors on his Wii U until they got back. (which is totally fun btw, omg!)

When they got back we went out to eat for lunch at some Vietnamese restaurant and we had this really yummy beef and noodle soup! There was a LOT of soup, though, so we ended up with leftovers lol.

Then afterwards we went to a store called Vintage Stock which was like heaven in the form of old videogames, consoles, anime, toys/plushies, collectables, comic books, and other cool merchandise. I ended up buying Ecco The Dolphin (on PS2), a Phoenix Wright game (the Miles Edgeworth one), and 2 wall scrolls! (Pyramid Head one and a Black Butler one!). My boyfriend ended up spending like $200 on videogames lol though I managed to only spend $65. If I would've brought more money to the store I'd have spent it all, though. There was a Keyblade from Kingdom Hearts... like.. a real sword one, not a fake one. It was amazing. There was also a couple of Master Swords from Zelda, an energy sword from Halo, and Finn's sword from Adventure Time. All of which were pretty freaking awesome.

Then after that we headed back and loaded up the van and left at like... 5ish

The car trip was alright until about 7 when a red "no coolant in engine" light came on and we had to pull over on the side of the road and call his stepdad about it. It was too dangerous to keep going so he called AAA to have the van towed to the next town so that we could buy some antifreeze. The tow guy was pretty nice too, and we ended up telling him about our trip because we were just laughing about how rotten our luck was this whole time. "at least your girlfriend's hot" was his response before he hopped back into his truck and left lol.

We got the antifreeze, put it in, and then headed back out. I ended up not getting home till late and just passing out right when I got inside lol

Overall it was a total adventure, I had a lot of fun!
Though, none of this would've happened if we'd just gone to see Bad Chickens...

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