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Harteus Character Meme

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 18, 2014, 11:40 PM

written version of:… because it was too difficult to try and make the drawing meme work, but I still wanted to do it lol

Choose 10 OCs

1. Aaron

2. Rylake

3. Iccarus

4. Ranshi

5. Asmodeus

6. Anubis

7. Abbadon

8. Skylar

1. Number 6 finds themselves locked in a malfunctioning elevator with number 4. What happens?


Well considering that anubis hates criminals more than anything in the universe, i doubt he'd care as much about the elevator as killing ranshi. ontop of that, ranshi would probably have pissed him off enough to start a fight. They'd fight, fire vs lightning, and then it would end with ranshi getting raped and anubis using his electricity to start back up the elevator and then have ranshi put in jail.

2. Number 5 goes to number 3's funeral.


Asmodeus would cry. doesnt matter if he knows iccarus or not, he doesnt like to see people die XD

3. 5 strikes a deal with 7.


Asmodeus: a-abbadon...? *looks up at him nervously*

Abbadon: hm? *glances over* yes, my lord..?

Asmodeus: can i... a-ask you a favor.... *cheeks go red* it's okay if you say no... but i... need... uhm... *goes darker red* i need to be fed... and... i was wondering if you could... uhm... *winces* i'm sorry if this is weird, i shouldnt have asked you, i'm sorry- *he tries to turn and walk away*

Abbadon: *he perks and grabs the other's arm* Prince Asmodeus, wait... *pulls him a little closer*

Asmodeus: *he looks back, tears in his eyes* ... *swallows hard* ...

Abbadon: *he cups the other's cheek before leaning in and kissing his lips, pulling the smaller male closer by his waist and into his lap*

Asmodeus: *he gasps and tenses a little, but then relaxes and slides his arms around abbadon's neck, leaning into the kiss*

*and then the sex*

4. Number 7 has to fight 6.


That would be a very scary fight D: ... uhmm... i'd say Abbadon is going to win that... if only because he's kind of a diety in hell. Though Anubis would put up a damn good fight, and would do a lot of damage to him before it's over.

5. 8 Has to marry 4 or 6. Which do they choose?


Skylar: u-uhm... *looks between the two* well i... *blushes and swallows hard* I dont want to be with a criminal... a-and... *looks to anubis* the lieutenant is very handsome... *blushes more, looking pretty sheepish*

6. Number 1 and 8 go on a quest to save 2.


Rylake: *captured princess in a tower* = ___= ..... *arms folded and pouting* ....

Aaron: i dont have time to save him, i have work at the temple that i must do!

Skyar: *attempts to save him, but he doesnt get very far* ;^; *flailing for cane*

7. Number 1 and 6 go on a date together. What happens?


It would actually probably be a fairly successful date. Aaron is a little desperate and Anubis likes to get in good with high ranking officials, so a pretty governor would appeal to him. Anubis would take him out to a fancy resturaunt, adorne him with flowers and expensive gifts, they'd share a bottle of wine, probably have sex, and then go home happy.

8. 4 and 5 get Ridiculously drunk.


Asmodeus: *he hiccups* n-nn... *leans against ranshi's arm* i...i drank too much... *hiccups again*

Ranshi: can never drink... *hiccups* tooooooo much~ *looks down* .... *smirks* yous awfully pretty... *tries to kiss him*

Asmodeus: *has like no reflexes, not even pulling back as ranshi does so*

*and then they have sex and ranshi freaks out when he gains consciousness because he just screwed a dude and asmodeus cries. a lot.*

9. Number 2 gets beat up. Who comforts them? Number 4 or 6?


Rylake: *sitting in the bathroom with a black eye and a busted up arm, curled in the corner and sobbing* i-i cant let hazel see me like this...

Anubis: *comes in* ... *he walks over* are you okay..?

Rylake: *looks up at him* d-does it fucking look like i'm okay..? *narrows his eyes* leave me alone. *snaps*

Anubis: temper temper... *he kneels down* that's not a very nice thing to say to someone trying to help you, hm..? *slides a hand along rylake's thigh* maybe you didnt get enough punishment the first time..? *smirks darkly, getting ontop of him*

Rylake: *he gasps, getting shoved down* w-what are you-!? nn! get off me!!

*and then anubis rapes him*

10. Number 2 finds out somthing horrible about number 7.


Rylake: *abbadon's diary falls in his lap* hm..? *perks and opens it*

Abbadon: when'd i get a diary-


Abbadon: *grimaces* it's disguesting-

Rylake: *shoves the book in his face* PINEAPPLE IS FUCKING DELICIOUS.

11. Who's the strongest of 3 and 7?


Abbadon. Iccarus may have demon goddess powers, but he cant necessarily access them at will. abbadon on the other hand can cause an apocolypse XD

12. Number 8 wants to see number 3 in the nude.


Skylar: w-what...!? n-no i dont..!! *his cheeks go dark red*

Iccarus: aww you're so cuuute~ <3 *he squishes Skylar's cheeks* all you had to do was ask, my dear~ *chuckles*

Skylar: b-b-but i- i... *ears lower signifigantly, eyes widening* i...

Iccarus: *kisses the other and presses him up against a wall*

*and thus the sex commences*

13. 6 has picked some flowers for number 4. What happens?


Anubis: here you are princess *snarky grin*

Ranshi: ... *takes flowers* .... *throws them at anubis* fuckyou.

Yep that meme was all sex. Damnit Anubis, why did u have to be in almost every question?? XD its a good thing I didn't use Kitsu and Cici like I was originally planning XD or else it DEFINITELY would've been all sex!

Graphics by tyleramato
CSS by moonfreak


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I'm really open so don't be afraid to just come up and start talking to me!!!

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